GrowSafe Feed Intake Systems



A rudimentary way to measure individual feed or water intake has always been to house animals individually and record consumption. This method is labour intensive and cost prohibitive. Studies in both swine and cattle have demonstrated that individually housed animals alter their performance significantly from those fed in production environments.

Collecting individual animal data in a production environment accurately is a significant technological challenge. Livestock production occurs in a rugged, dusty, wet environment that’s extremely hard on electronics. Reading one animal’s RFID tag usually means confinement to a stall or livestock chute. GrowSafe has acquired a global reputation for developing RFID based data acquisition systems that automatically read multiple tags in close proximity without confinement.

What Sets Us Apart

A GrowSafe system is the only feed intake recording system that enables continuous data acquisition. The animal identification tag is read every second when an animal is feeding at the trough, load mechanisms and other sensors are sampled continuously. This built-in redundancy ensures that all activities are correctly assigned to individual animals. Our software continuously audits and calculates error which may come from rain, snow, excessive wind and lost transponders. There is no ability for a user to change or amend the raw data collected. Continuous data recording enables advanced behavioral analysis.

GrowSafe tag reading and data accuracy nears 100% due to multiple sampling and extensive system diagnostics. In fact, our systems keep track and report themselves when they aren’t operating to set tolerances. A GrowSafe system offers unparalleled automation and measurement accuracy. We are setting the standards by which animals are measured, monitored and managed.

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