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Traceability Update – Livestock Operators Encouraged to Apply For a Valid PID Now

“CFIA’s proposed animal identification and livestock traceability regulatory amendments may require all livestock operations to have a valid PID and use it to report animal movement data to the Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) database.” For more information, please click the following link to read the article in the Canadian Cattlemen Association:

Out-Wintering Beef Cows

“During these harsh conditions, questions are raised about whether beef cattle should be housed in a barn. This is a logical question given that the predominant form of animal agriculture in our area is dairy and most dairy cows are housed in doors. However the beef cow is endowed with unique characteristics that allow her […]

Revoked Animal Indicators

Identification and movement recording and reporting requirements for animals are covered under Part XV of the Health of Animals Regulations. The approval of animal indicators is guided by the Animal Indicator Approval and Revocation Framework available upon request at:  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has updated the list of revoked animal indications.  For a complete list, […]

Atlantic Cow-Calf Survey

The first Atlantic Cow-Calf Survey has been officially launched! This survey is deigned for cow-calf producers in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The survey is a series of production based questions about your 2017 calf crop. The questions are based on the cow-calf surveys completed previously in Western Canada […]

Maternal Breed Sale

Today’s market demands easy fleshing females that have udder capacity and milk flow to raise thick, well muscled, growthy calf.  You’ll find that female at the: Maternal Breed Sale which includes the Atlantic Bonus Sale, Angus in Action Sale, Autumn Classic Shorthorn Sale and the Salt Water Simmental Sale. October 21, 2017 Nappan Beef Test […]